Why you need Stress Buster!

July 14th, 2015

If we never had any stress at all in our lives, we would never get anything done!  However, if we never release our day to day stress, then we move into the “Tension Zone”, and it is in the Tension Zone that problems emerge.  When in the Tension Zone difficulties in life occur, including such things as lack of concentration and focus, difficulties with sleeping, old habits start to creep back in, a downturn in performance levels, relationship difficulties, and much more!

People do not usually realise they are in the Tension Zone until they experience some or all of these things, and then their enjoyment of life is impaired, they find it more difficult to function, and this in itself causes more “Tension”, it is a cycle!

In our “Stress Buster Session” we teach you a simple process that will enable you to release your day to day stress, keep you out of the Tension Zone, and have you performing better, feeling better, living better!


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“STRESS BUSTER” is now available to you!

From your One on One Stress Buster Session you will learn how to eliminate Stress and Tension from your life!

You will also improve your performance – focus – concentration.

Book your Stress Buster Session now with Imogen or Donna, your Tauranga / BOP Stress Management Specialists!

Feel Better and Live Better!


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Someone asked the question this week, “what if your Sleeping Programme doesn’t work for me?”.  It is logical for people who have had sleeping problems for a long time, to have doubts about their ability to overcome this problem!  However we can answer this by saying, in our experience, which is significant, everyone who works with our Programme, and uses our Technique as they have been taught, learns how to put themselves into sleep, or back into sleep, with a very simple and straight forward method.  Regardless of any doubts, it is a simple matter of making the decision to engage in the Programme, and then evidencing the results!

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Not sleeping?

June 12th, 2015

Do you have problems with sleeping or do you know someone who does?

Then click on the box on our Homepage, that has the clock and the words “Not sleeping?  Try our Revolutionary Total Sleep Programme”.

You will then link to information on our Programme.  There is a list of things that many people struggle with, see how many of these things relate to you or someone you know?  If can be very frustrating  not to be able to do, something that others find easy, natural and straight forward, that is to go to bed, and just go to sleep, or when waking up in the night, go back to sleep again!  With our Programme, everyone can learn to do this, in a straight forward manner, with simple and enjoyable techniques.  For those who engage in our Programme, and work with us, they can learn how to “kick sleeping issues into touch”, and sleep better, live better, feel better!

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Not sleeping properly? Contact us now to find out how our revolutionary Total Sleep Programme can work for you.

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New Year 2015

January 14th, 2015

A new year: time for a new you?

Fed up with being fed up? Something from your past holding you back?  It is time to take charge of your life: I can help you make some real changes to improve your life, and will teach you how to make these changes permanent.

Contact me now to find out how. And then it really will be a HAPPY New Year!

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New Years Resolutions 2013

January 11th, 2013

Did you make any New Years resolutions this year?  How are you getting on with that resolution?  Common ones are to lose weight or to give up smoking.  Perhaps you have made a resolution to get a better job or a promotion, maybe to improve a relationship with someone or maybe you just want to find someone to have a relationship with?

Whatever your goals for this year, I can help you to fulfil them.  If you haven’t got started towards your goals then start today – send me an email and tell me what it is you would like to change.

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October 5th, 2011

It doesn’t matter whether your sleeping problems have been happening for a short time or a long time

The Total Sleep Programme will provide you with a Permanent Solution

*Provides you with a method for having the quality and quantity of sleep that you want and that you need

*Teaches you techniques that are safe, easy to learn, enjoyable and effective

*Gives you the confidence to be able to have Total Control over your sleeping habits

*Helps you to train your mind to overcome sleeping problems permanently

Contact me now to enrol in my next Total Sleep Programme – and say “Goodbye!” to sleeping problems forever!

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Are you tired of feeling tired, stressed and not sleeping well?  Are you tired of juggling all of life’s many pressures?


Say “no more!” to stress, take control of your life, start to feel great again, feel more confident today


Next one (women only): Tuesday 26th July 6.45pm – only $55 – bookings essential!

Book now – ph. 570-3155

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Not getting adequate sleep and/or feeling tired all the time are common problems that people experience. Some people have trouble sleeping because they find that they cannot relax at night.  Usually, these people are finding that their mind does not ‘switch off’ – and they just cant stop thinking!  Other people have difficulties getting comfortable in bed and will toss and turn.

If insomnia is a problem for you then this is actually a symptom of some other problem in your life.  While you can follow the advice commonly given for insomnia (eg. dont exercise late at night, dont drink alcohol or coffee at night, have a warm bath before bed, reduce thinking by making lists) the problem is not going to be completely solved until you learn how to reduce the tension (stress) in your life and also address those issues that are keeping you awake at night!

Hypnotherapy will help you to resolve those underlying issues and, also, teach you the tools you need to relax your body and mind so that you can get the rest and sleep that you need to function more effectively (and more energetically) each day.

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