To help you in your research feel free to read the following Imagine Hypnotherapy client testimonials provided by some of our clients to share their own experiences of hypnotherapy and successful outcomes.
Client Testimonials

open-quote for client testimonials Before trying hypnotherapy, I had been a poor sleeper for years and the problem was steadily getting worse. During those long hours of wakefulness all problems seemed magnified and I found it increasingly difficult to remain upbeat. Sleeping pills had unpleasant side-effects, and none of the natural sleep remedies from Health Shops had any effect. Due to lack of sleep I felt continually exhausted and impatient with everyone and everything.

On the recommendation of one of Imogen’s former clients, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I was immediately impressed by Imogen’s genuine desire to help and by her complete confidence in the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

Once I had grasped the importance of following her sleep method exactly as prescribed, there was a marked improvement. Not only did my quality of sleep improve but also my general outlook became more positive.

As a result, I am happy to recommend Imogen to anyone who needs help with sleeping, losing tension, changing negative thought patterns and building confidence.  close-quote for client testimonials

sleep programme client from New Zealand

open-quote for client testimonials Wow ! To fly long distance by myself feeling confident, calm and well is a relaxing and amazing experience, thank you Imogen.  close-quote for client testimonials

flying phobia client from Whangarei, New Zealand

Client Testimonials

open-quote for client testimonials I always felt nervous competing in Martial Arts tournaments and have been looking for a new way to focus, I turned to Imogen who guided me in improving my performance using self hypnotherapy. Having just achieved a gold medal in sparring was a great feeling and I know hypnotherapy gave me the edge.  close-quote for client testimonials

improving sports performance client from London, UK

open-quote for client testimonials I was a smoker of a number of years smoking up to 100 cigs a day in my youth and averaging about 30 per day before I quit. As a night driver I found it extremely difficult to quit although I could stop with relative ease working days. I got to the stage where I was desperate to stop smoking. so I got a hold of quit line and stopped for a few weeks. I had got to the stage where I felt that I was doomed to be a smoker for the rest of my life and had ‘given up’ giving up. I thought I would try quit line again and around this time Imogen suggested I try Hypnotherapy, I started on the quit line program and at the same time I had some Hypnotherapy with Imogen. The Hypnotherapy reinforced my sub conscious mind and made the stopping easier. the relaxation I still use off and on today I have the tools now to stop and do some self hypnosis when needed, although I believe a lot of this goes on sub consciously. I am still a night driver having stopped for 19 months.

I would whole heartily recommend hypnotherapy to anyone with addiction problems which is what smoking is.  close-quote for client testimonials

stop smoking and relaxation client from Taupo, New Zealand