The simple answer is that when we try and make changes with our conscious mind (eg “This year, I am going to stop smoking/lose weight/drink less/exercise more/stop fighting with my partner”), we are up against the programming in our subconscious mind which is where all our experiences, knowledge and memories are.  Our subconscious mind is very powerful as it remembers all the times when we have smoked a cigarette, ate cakes, drank wine, or fought with our partner – and these memories or experiences of these things has formed into a habit and has become our default setting.  So in times of stress, we are more likely to go back to these types of behaviours.

Behaviour change requires BOTH our two minds working together towards a common goal.  We, at Imagine Hypnotherapy, are here to help you achieve this process.  It is now February – so if you are not reaching your New Year goals, find out how.